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Fix Your Car at D&M Auto Body Repair in Fredericton

No matter what mechanical issue you are facing with your vehicles, we might have a solution for them all. From rust checking and proofing to the installation and sales of radiators, gas tanks and fuel systems, the experts at D&M Auto Body Repair have the knowledge and skill to take care of all your mechanical needs. We also have a new alignment machine to get your car driving straight again. Get in touch with us if you need any help with the general mechanical issues for all your auto and truck needs.

Services We Offer

Aside from our world-class collision repair services, we offer help with the following:

Rust checking

It's only a matter of time before rust appears which is why a rust check is important every year.


Brakes wear down with regular use and it is important to get them checked regularly.

Fuel system parts sales and installation

It's important to get the fuel system checked every now and then. We also provide repair and installation of fuel parts and sell them as well.


Rustproofing ensures your car doesn’t hold onto moisture, and thus protects it from rusting.

Gas tank sales and installation

If you need a gas tank installation, we are here to fix it in your vehicle. We also do sales of gas tanks.

Air conditioning

If the climate-control system in your car malfunctions, it should be checked or repaired by a professional.

Wheel alignments

The wheel alignment of your car needs to be checked if you find your vehicle is always pulling to one side.

Why Choose Us?

Our esteemed automotive services are crafted to save your car from the deterioration of its working components and the eventual rust spots that appear over time. We are the best at what we do as we have precise techniques and equipment that give superb results every time for any vehicle we repair. We know the inner workings of engines and their fuel systems, performing each process carefully to provide you with exceptional results through our services.

Get Your Car Fixed!

We can repair a variety of cars and trucks.

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